Is 200Mbps Good for Gaming: Online Gaming Internet Speed

Online gaming is becoming more and more popular. There are now many streaming services that allow you to play against people from all over the world. However, is 200Mbps good for gaming? To ensure a smooth and lag-free experience, you’ll need a broadband internet connection with an upload speed of at least 5 Mbps and … Read more

The Complete Guide to DD-WRT: Features, Benefits, Advantages, Disadvantages and How To Set It Up

DD-WRT is a Linux-based operating system for wireless routers. It can be used as a firmware replacement for certain router models, such as the Linksys WRT54G series. DD-WRT is not limited to certain hardware platforms like many proprietary commercial versions of firmware are. But what is DD-WRT: Advantages/ benefits, disadvantages, features, and how to install … Read more