Can You Have A Gaming PC In The Military?

Gaming isn’t just a hobby for the well-off anymore. It has become a part of almost every session of our daily lives. The gaming community has become so big that people are even making online series based on it. Can You Have A Gaming PC In The Military?

It is possible to have a gaming PC in the military. The armed forces have seen how beneficial it is to have computers that can handle gaming. For instance

  1. Soldiers are able to enjoy their favorite games and forget about the stresses of active duty for just a moment before going back to work.
  2. It helps them rest up, prepare for upcoming missions and prepare themselves mentally before they go back out into battle.

It’s no wonder that military personnel are interested in gaming too. They can use their computers for more than just emails and spreadsheets.

They can even use them to game if they have the right components. Let’s take a look at whether or not you can have a gaming PC in the military.

Can You Have A Gaming PC In The Military?

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Yes, You Can Have a Gaming PC in the Military

We know that gaming consoles are easier to transport when you are having deployments far from your residence such as overseas, but there is an allowance to have your gaming PC with you. For persons serving within their states, a gaming PC is easier to use.

However, there are limits to what you can do with your computer on post. For instance, there is no internet access on base.

This means you won’t be able to play games online with other people or download games from the internet if you don’t have any storage devices like an external hard drive.

But even without internet access, having a gaming PC will help keep soldiers happy and relaxed when they are at home for their break.

Why Would the Military Want to Have Gaming PCs?

The military is always looking for ways to be better at their jobs. One way they can do that is to use their downtime.

Soldiers have a lot of downtimes while they are deployed, and some of that downtime can be used to play games on their own computers.

Gaming not only keeps them entertained, but it also helps them develop skills that can come in handy during combat or other missions.

This isn’t the only reason why the military wants to have gaming PCs. Gaming has also been thought of as a tool for helping soldiers with PTSD or other mental health issues.

There are even online games being created just for this purpose. Playing these games might help certain people cope with trauma much more easily than traditional methods like therapy or medication.

It’s an unorthodox approach, but one worth considering all the same if you are suffering from PTSD or mental health struggles.

Can soldiers play video games?

This may sound like a silly question, but it actually isn’t. Military personnel are allowed to game as long as they don’t show any loyalties to the enemy and their actions in the game are appropriate for their missions.

The military has even created games for active-duty soldiers to play, like America’s Army.

However, some people in the military have reported that they are getting punished because of the time they spend gaming.

For example, you might not be able to get a promotion or a position that you want if you spend too much time gaming instead of working. So, it really depends on your military branch.

Can soldiers play video games?

Can you have Xbox in the Marines?

It is possible to have a gaming PC in the military. If it isn’t for your job, you can use some of your free time to play games. Many of the marines on Reddit are saying that they can have an Xbox as a marine. They say they have Xbox, Destiny, and other games on their laptops.

However, there are many restrictions that the military put on what you can do with your computer and even if you can have one. Of course, if you’re in combat or doing something related to your job then it wouldn’t be allowed.

You also might not be able to use your home computer if it’s government-owned because when you join the military they own it just like any other piece of government property.

If you don’t want to look into whether or not this is possible for you specifically, then I recommend getting an iPad or another gaming device that doesn’t need a lot of storage space.

So rather than having a gaming PC in the military (especially if it’s government-owned) just get one that won’t take up a lot of space and will also be easy for you to store when not using it.

Can you have Xbox in the Marines?

Building a gaming PC in the army?

It is pretty common for military personnel to be interested in gaming. And with all the advances in computer technology, it has never been easier to game while on duty.

If a soldier wanted to play games on their computer while they were in the service, they would need to have a gaming PC. However, many of these soldiers are restricted from building PCs due to regulations and policies.

Many of the military’s regulations and policies restrict what types of computers soldiers can build or purchase for personal use. For example, some of them are not allowed to buy new laptops or desktop computers for personal use at all.

Others are only allowed to buy laptop computers that have specific operating systems installed on them (such as Windows 10). Having a gaming PC might require that you build one yourself, which could get confusing with all the different hardware out there.

If you want a decent gaming experience from your PC, you need an expensive graphics card and a high-end processor like an i7 7700k CPU hidden deep within your device. Building this type of computer just isn’t feasible for most people unless they’re willing to spend thousands on it.

That’s why many officers prefer buying prebuilt computers instead of building something themselves because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of assembling it themselves or figuring out what parts work together well.

How realistic is a gaming desktop?

There are many reasons why military personnel might want to game while they’re on duty. They want to stay connected with their friends, play the games they love, and keep their hand-eye coordination sharp. These aren’t all that easy to do when you’re sitting at a desk all day long.

A gaming desktop is a lot more realistic than a gaming laptop or tablet. Soldiers don’t have much space in the military and they can only bring so many things with them on assignments.

A gaming desktop requires less space, doesn’t need to be lugged around, and can be plugged into any monitor or TV that has an HDMI input. So for soldiers who like to game, it makes more sense for them to have a desktop PC than anything else.

PC gaming in the Barracks

Reddit is an excellent source to see what people are talking about. The Barracks subreddit on Reddit has a subsection called “PC Gaming in the Barracks” that posts discussions surrounding PC gaming and whether or not it’s allowed in the military.

There are many different opinions on this topic, but the general opinion is that it depends on your military branch.

There are exceptions for the Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air Force. These branches allow their servicemen to use desktop PCs with extensive graphics cards for gaming as long as they have a workstation license.

They don’t need to apply for a game console license because they can use them only for non-commercial purposes.

The other branches of the military take a stricter approach to PC gaming. They allow their servicemen to use desktop PCs with extensive graphics cards as long as they aren’t used for commercial purposes which means no gaming whatsoever.

The Navy takes a similar approach and allows sailors to play games if they have received permission from their commander and it doesn’t interfere with their work duties

Military Discounts for Gamers & PC Gaming

The military offers a variety of discounts for people in the service and their families. These discounts are offered through the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) program.

The DoD MWR provides a list of authorized stores where you can buy discounted goods, including electronics, apparel, books, and more.

The Military website has a section devoted to games where you can find all your gaming needs at discounted prices. From popular video game titles to those just released, they have it all! You can also purchase gaming systems, consoles, accessories and more with these discounts.

In addition to finding discounted goods on the MWR website, there are often individual stores within the bases that offer military personnel discounts on personal purchases. These include clothing stores, sports shops and electronic stores like Best Buy or Game Stop.

Can you have a gaming PC in the military? (2022)

In the past few years, there has been an increase in military personnel who have taken to gaming. There are even some that make gaming videos on YouTube. So, it’s safe to say that this is a common activity for military personnel.

However, there are some hurdles that military personnel need to jump before they can game. The first hurdle is the IT department practices and websites like access to social media and various streaming services, such as Netflix and Spotify.

On top of this, you may not be allowed to play the games that your friends are playing or enjoy without getting a proper release form from your commanding officer.

And if you buy a new computer or gaming system? You can’t take it with you when you go on deployment or TDY (temporary duty).

It’s important to remember that your commanding officer is in charge here and they make all the rules. If they want you to stop gaming altogether while deployed, then you will have no choice but to obey their orders.

But if they allow it at all, then there are some loopholes in place for certain types of games that are less graphic than others.

Can you have a gaming PC in the military? (2022)

The Current State of Gaming in the Military

The military already has plenty of downtime. They spend a lot of time waiting for the next mission or even just waiting to be deployed.

So why not use that time wisely? A lot of people in the military are gamers, and they have realized that they can create their own games on their computers while they wait.

It’s a pretty simple game but it was made by people who are serving their country in the armed forces. And it’s not just as fun as an outlet for creativity and entertainment; gaming can also serve as a way to boost morale and release stress.

Which Gaming Brands Should You Look Into for your Military Gaming PC?

One of the first questions you might have is, what brands should you look into for your military gaming PC? There are four major brands that come to mind and they are ASUS, MSI, Dell, and HP. These companies offer a wide variety of gaming systems that are perfect for military personnel.

Can You Have a Gaming PC in the Military?

Gaming is a hobby that can be enjoyable for anyone, especially military personnel. It’s entertainment and it can help with stress relief.

But in order to game on your computer, you need to have the right components. The big question is whether or not you can have a gaming PC in the military.

The answer to this question is yes, but you might encounter some limitations with your internet connection. If you are in an area that only has a slow internet connection then you won’t be able to enjoy games like Fortnite or League of Legends.

One workaround for this problem is to play these games offline instead of being connected to the internet 24/7.

Even if you do have a high-speed connection at the base, there are still other restrictions due to security protocol.

You will be limited by how much time you spend playing video games online so that you can focus more on your job as a soldier and less on video games.

For example, while waiting at their station they could play video games up until they go out into patrol duty where they will switch off their computers while they are out on patrol duty to avoid distractions during combat operations.

Can You Have a Gaming PC in the Military?

Is Gaming A Luxury Good Or A Core Military Requirement?

One of the first things that you need to ask yourself is whether or not gaming is a luxury good. Some military personnel believe that it’s a luxury good, while others want it to be a core requirement.

They argue that it’s necessary for military personnel to be able to stay current on information and technology within their profession.

So, they would argue that gaming is in fact a core requirement – not just a luxury good.

Is it possible to game on a laptop?

One of the most important parts of gaming is being able to do it on the go. If you want to be able to play your games from your laptop, then you can.

But there are a few things that need to happen first.

First of all, laptops with low specs won’t be a good choice for gaming. To have a decent gaming experience, you need at least an i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a dedicated graphics card.

How to get authorization for a gaming PC

First, you need to be at the rank of E-6 or higher in the Navy and E-7 or higher in the Army. While you’re waiting for that to happen, you can still get permission for a gaming PC if your commanding officer approves it.

These PCs are typically used for “generic” purposes, like office work, so there isn’t any risk of them being used for illegal activities.

If your rank is high enough and your commanding officer approves, all you have to do is visit an approved vendor who will set up a custom PC with Windows 10.

The PC will come preloaded with popular games that are appropriate for military use. You’ll also have to install Microsoft Office and other programs on the PC so it doesn’t become obsolete when newer versions are released.


Can military personnel have a gaming PC?

Yes, if you’ve got the right components. Gaming PCs are more powerful than normal PCs and can be used in the military. However, don’t forget that your PC will need a monitor with at least 1920×1080 resolution for optimal gameplay. It also needs a mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals for the best gaming experience.

Can I use my laptop for gaming?

Laptops are not as durable as desktops and typically don’t have the same power or cooling system. You can get a laptop designed specifically for gaming, but they tend to be very expensive. Plus, most laptops aren’t meant to be used on your lap so they might not offer the same level of comfort that you would get from a desktop computer. Using your laptop for gaming may not be worth it in this case.

How do I know what games to buy?

If you want to play with other people online then you will need to make sure that your game has multiplayer capabilities so that you can connect with other gamers around the world! This is one of the most popular ways that people enjoy playing video games today. If you want to play alone then any game will work just fine! The choice is yours!

Can you have a gaming PC in the military?

In some cases, yes. If you want to use your computer for gaming, you’ll need to ask your commanding officer. One of the most important things is that you can’t tie up the network with games that take up too much data. You also need to be able to focus on your work when necessary. If you have a game that has an online component and result in laggy gameplay, then it might not be allowed for military personnel within their offices. The biggest thing is to check with your command what they’re comfortable with and what rules may apply before using your computer for gaming on duty.


If you’re looking to purchase a gaming PC for your military service, then take the time to find one that meets the needs of your position.

You can use the resources below to find gaming PCs that are perfect for the military, as well as advice on how to get authorization.

There are many great gaming brands out there, but we recommend checking out Dell and HP, who already have Gaming PCs designed for military personnel.

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