Is It Possible to Use an iMac as a Gaming PC?

Today’s iMac is a gorgeous, compact desktop computer with an amazing screen, ample storage, brilliant speakers, and lots of smart features. Is It Possible to Use an iMac as a Gaming PC?

It is ok using An iMac for gaming If the games you want to play are available for it. Lots of games that require DirectX never make the port. It looks pretty decent, but for that its price is much higher than that of PC gaming rig.

It also happens to be not much more capable than a media center than the 2001 iMac or the 2006 model. No matter how you look at it, an iMac cannot be considered a gaming PC.

The hardware just isn’t up to scratch when compared to even the most basic gaming PCs. But with a little know-how and some clever thinking, it’s perfectly possible to use an iMac as a dedicated gaming PC.

Is It Possible to Use an iMac as a Gaming PC?

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Can You Use an iMac as a Gaming Computer?

An iMac is not a gaming computer, plain and simple. An iMac can be used as a gaming PC with some clever thinking, but it’s not going to be able to compete in terms of power with a gaming PC.

The best way to use an iMac as a gaming PC is to have the right expectations about what an iMac can offer you.

Often, people want an iMac for its design—it looks great on the desk and will hold up well over time. In this case, using an iMac as a gaming PC won’t work because you’ll want one that has much better specs than the standard 21″ or 27″ model.

But if your needs are more modest and you don’t care about high-end graphics or intensive games, then there are plenty of apps that can help turn your existing model into something that meets your needs.

The answer is yes, but you’ll need to do a little work first. The hardware isn’t up to the task of being a dedicated gaming PC, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

You can use an iMac as a gaming PC by installing a powerful graphics card and a high-end processor. For more information on that process, read our article on how to build your own gaming PC with an Intel iMac.

How to Turn an iMac into a Gaming Computer

The first thing you’ll need to do is install a new graphics card in your iMac. Fortunately, the latest generation of Intel-based Macs are compatible with Nvidia GeForce cards.

So, find an 8GB or better Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and install it in your iMac. Next, you’ll want to update your Mac’s operating system to High Sierra (10.13).

This will allow you to use Metal 2, a new type of graphics API that provides support for VR content creation and has been optimized for modern games.

And finally, you’ll need one more piece of hardware: a Thunderbolt 3 eGPU enclosure with an AMD Radeon RX 580 inside. Connect this external GPU enclosure to your iMac via Thunderbolt 3 and download SteamVR or Viveport from the App Store.

You now have a dedicated gaming PC! What’s more, by installing a newer GPU into your iMac, you’ve given it another couple of years before it starts showing its age.

An iMac can be turned into a gaming computer with just a few changes. The first and most obvious thing to do is to swap the hard drive for a larger one, say 500GB or 1TB.

You’ll also need to install an SSD drive as the boot volume. You’ll then want to add either an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 graphics card or better. The other option is to keep the iMac as it is and use it as a media center.

If you want to do this, you will need more storage space, so upgrading the hard drive is necessary. One way of getting around this would be installing a low-power NAS drive in your home network that wirelessly sends media from your Mac’s hard drive over your network.

This means you won’t have to worry about sharing large files over your wireless network but still allow streaming on other devices like Apple TV or Chromecast for when friends come round for dinner!

How to Turn an iMac into a Gaming Computer

Is an iMac good for gaming?

Apple’s iMac is a beautiful machine, but it was never really designed as a gaming PC. It has all the necessary ports and a dedicated graphics card, but its hardware just isn’t up to scratch when compared to even the most basic gaming PCs.

However, some clever thinking and know-how can turn your new iMac into a powerful gaming rig. The first thing you need to do is get yourself an external graphics card.

The best option here would be an nVidia GeForce GTX1060. This will give you access to the latest games without having to upgrade (you might not have noticed but Apple upgraded their iMacs in 2018!).

The next thing you need to do is remove your iMac’s internal storage drive or SSD and replace it with an external Thunderbolt 3 storage device, like the 1TB G-Drive from Google.

This will give you lots of extra storage space for your games and program files, which is perfect if you want an ultra-powerful iMac that doesn’t take up too much space on your desk!

So there are two things that need removing from the base of your current iMac before it becomes a fully fledged gaming PC; the internal storage drive or SSD and the DVD/CD drive!

You’ll also want to attach any USB peripherals such as keyboards, mouse pads etc., directly to your Mac rather than using them through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. That should be all that’s

It’s not possible to use an iMac as a gaming PC because of the hardware limitations – even with a little know-how and clever thinking.

The hardware just isn’t up to scratch when compared to even the most basic gaming PCs. Yet it is entirely possible to use an iMac as a dedicated, albeit imperfect, gaming computer with some clever thinking.

By simply adding in a few pieces of external hardware, you can turn your beautiful Apple desktop into a capable game machine.

For example, by connecting an external graphics card (GPU) you can vastly improve the performance of your Mac.

Is an iMac good for gaming?

Is the new 2022 iMac a good gaming computer temporarily?

The 2022 iMac is a good temporary gaming computer. Yes, the hardware is not up to scratch – no matter how you look at it, an iMac cannot be considered a gaming PC.

But with a little know-how and some clever thinking, it’s perfectly possible to use an iMac as a dedicated gaming PC.

Is the New 2022 iMac a good gaming machine? It’s not. But is it possible to use it as one? According to Apple, the newest iteration of their desktop computer will have a Core i5 processor and Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640.

That’s all well and good, but the reality is that this new system is nothing more than a media center than can be used for some light-duty gaming.

If you’re looking for a powerful machine with enough oomph to play games like Fortnite, Battlefield V, or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on high settings with low-to-medium framerates, then this isn’t the machine for you.

That being said, if your goal is to create an affordable secondary PC without breaking the bank then there are ways to get around this problem.

The most obvious way is by purchasing a pre-built PC from an online retailer like Amazon or Best Buy. The problem here is that those machines are rarely capable of playing modern AAA titles on high settings for prolonged periods of time.

What about building your own computer from components? Well, that’s an option in theory but not one worth pursuing unless you have experience assembling PCs from scratch.

So what options are left? Enter: Experimenting. With a little know-how and some clever thinking, it’s perfectly possible to use an iMac as a dedicated gaming PC – albeit temporarily and with some limitations.

What follows is our best advice on how to turn your

Can I use an iMac Pro as a gaming PC?

An iMac Pro is the latest model from Apple, and it’s no slouch when it comes to gaming. But you may be wondering if an iMac can be used as a gaming PC.

The short answer is: yes! There are a few different ways to potentially use an iMac for gaming, though the best solution depends on your needs.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of computer you want to use for gaming. If you’re looking for something that consumes less power but can still game well enough, then a Mac mini might be the way to go.

On the other hand, if you want a true powerhouse with lots of bells and whistles, then an iMac Pro would suit your needs better.

Once you’ve decided on which kind of computer you want, it’s time to decide how much money you want to spend on your new setup.

If this is all brand new territory for you (and maybe even if it isn’t), we recommend using one of the many resources available online that will help walk you through everything step-by-step.

A dedicated website like Digital Trends has some handy guides and tutorials that will take into account all of your specific needs–not just “how do I run games from my iMac?”

iMac Pro is a great machine for those who are looking for a powerful Mac that excels at video and photo editing.

However, it can also be used as a gaming device just with some tweaking. The iMac Pro has high-end hardware, which is perfect for gaming and graphic design.

This machine also has an excellent display that looks even better in 4K resolution. The iMac Pro comes with a 27-inch Retina 5k display with 500 nits of brightness and HDR support.

If you want to set up the iMac Pro as your gaming PC, then the first thing you need to do is get your hands on a USB-C hub so you can plug in all your peripherals like mouse, keyboard and headphones.

You might also need to use an adapter if you want to connect any older devices such as gamepads or controllers. To help out with the graphics department, there are two options available to you:

AMD Radeon Vega 56 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards. If you have an older graphics card installed in your computer, then it might not work well with the latest games so it’s worth upgrading if possible.

You will need to install Windows 10 via Boot Camp Assistant on the iMac Pro so that you can enjoy Windows games on this Mac computer too.

Windows 10 installation takes about 2 hours but after installing the operating system onto a blank hard drive, you can use Disk Management to create space for macOS by shrinking

Can I use an iMac Pro as a gaming PC?

What are the Limitations of an iMac as a Gaming PC?

The limitations of an iMac as a gaming PC don’t come from the iMac itself. The hardware is outdated and not worth considering for a dedicated gaming PC.

Let’s take a look at the limitations of an iMac as a gaming PC…

No dedicated graphics card: A dedicated graphics card is one of the few things that separates a gaming PC from a media center.

Even if you put in an aftermarket GPU, you are still limited by the power of the CPU.

Low memory capacity: For high-end games, you need graphics cards with plenty of RAM to run smoothly.

The standard iMac includes just 8 GB of RAM, which is not enough for any modern game.

Slow hard drive: An HDD might be fine for storing your media, but it won’t be able to keep up with the speed needed to play games on an iMac.

Limited processor options: This isn’t really a downside as much as it’s just something that needs to be considered when looking at any computer designed for use with Apple OS X – namely, low-power processors which don’t have sufficient power to handle intense 3D games.”

How to Upgrade an iMac for Gaming

With a little know-how and some clever thinking, it’s possible to turn an iMac into a gaming PC. The first thing you need is the right graphics card.

You can use two approaches to do this: either upgrade the iMac’s graphics card, or buy a second one and set it up in an external monitor.

There are two ways to use an iMac as a gaming PC: -The first way is to upgrade the hardware. Fortunately, this is the easiest option.

You can buy some new, more powerful components for your iMac and simply install them in place of the old ones. RAM is inexpensive and easy to install and there are lots of other options too.

The second way is to install Windows on your iMac. This process isn’t quite as straightforward, but it might be worth it if you want a more powerful gaming experience.

The Best Computer Speakers Use with an iMac or Mac Pro

The first and most important step is to throw away the iMac’s speakers. The sound quality is terrible, it distorts at high volumes, and there simply isn’t enough power to drive anything but a pair of headphones.

We recommend replacing them with some decent computer speakers that can provide a much more accurate and pleasant listening experience.

This will increase the immersion factor when gaming or enjoying other media. There are plenty of options out there, but we like the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III or the Logitech Z623 Wireless Speaker System for their portability and strong bass respectively.

If you’re looking for the best speakers to go with your iMac, the Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 is perfect. They’re compact, portable and produce an amazing sound.

They’ve got two custom-designed tweeters that deliver crisp high frequencies and a set of custom-designed bass drivers that deliver clear deep lows.

They are comfortable to listen to and don’t need a subwoofer or room treatment. All you need is your iMac and these speakers to enjoy great sound in any room.


Some people are wondering if it is possible to use an iMac as a gaming computer. The short answer is yes. An iMac can be used for gaming as long as you have a computer monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

You’ll need to run the application on the external monitor. This can be done through an HDMI cable. There are some limitations to keep in mind when using an iMac as a gaming computer.

Some games are not optimized for the iMac’s resolution and will look blurry or pixelated. When playing games that are not optimized for the iMac, it may be best to play on an external monitor.

An iMac can also be upgraded for gaming by adding RAM and upgrading the graphics card. This will allow you to play newer games that are not optimized for the iMac with better graphics and less lag.

If you have any other questions about using an iMac as a gaming computer, you can find the answers on this blog post and in our FAQ section.


How powerful is an iMac?

An iMac is not a gaming PC. It has the power of a media center, with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and a 1TB hard drive. If you’re using your iMac for gaming purposes, you need to upgrade its hardware first.

Can I use an external monitor?

Yes, but it’s going to be tricky. You can run games on an external monitor if you want, but it will require some tinkering in System Preferences and Display Settings

What software do I need for an iMac gaming PC?

Windows 10 or OS X (depending on your preference) -Games for the platform you’ve chosen -OBS, or any other streaming app of your choice

What are the best games for an iMac gaming PC?

League of Legends, DOTA 2, CS:GO, Overwatch

How much will an iMac gaming PC cost me?

An iMac costs around $1000-$2000. You will also need a display, keyboard and mouse to use with it if you don’t have those already. In addition to these essentials, we recommend a wireless keyboard and mouse as well as a gaming controller. We recommend an Alienware AW3418DW 34″ Curved Gaming Monitor ($1200), Logitech G700s Wireless Gaming Mouse ($100), and Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse ($90).

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