How Much Memory do you need for a Gaming PC?

How Much memory do you need for a Gaming PC? 16GB is the recommended RAM for gaming in 2022

Gaming is a big part of most people’s lives. With this in mind, it’s understandable that you want the best gaming experience imaginable. However, unless you’re a professional gamer or your hobby is to spend hours on end playing games, you probably don’t need the best hardware to get started. How much memory is good for a gaming PC?

Most games and gamers recommend 16GB of memory for fast and high-performance gaming. However, you can make do with 8GB of memory for gaming but that is the absolute minimum for non-laggy gaming.

If your computer isn’t gaming ready, it can be difficult to keep up with all the new games that come out and enjoy them to their fullest potential. Choosing the right hardware is key to having an optimal gaming experience.

How to Choose the Right Amount of RAM for Your Gaming PC

It’s important to know what type of games you’ll be playing before deciding on how much memory you need. For example, if you play a lot of resource-intensive games or want to play on the highest graphics settings, you may need a PC with 16 GB of RAM. If you only play less graphic-intensive games or want to lower your settings, then 8 GB is probably enough for you.

The first step in choosing the right amount of RAM for your gaming PC is determining what type of games you will be playing. The next step is figuring out how demanding those games are in terms of graphics and CPU power.

Once you have made that decision, it’s time to figure out which specifications fit best with the budget. At this point, gamers should have an idea of whether they need 8GB or 16GB or more.

As you build your gaming PC, you need to know the types of games that you like to play. This will help you to get components that will serve you well.

How much memory do you need for a gaming PC for specific games

Here are the recommended specs for some of the most popular games out now, and what you need to know about how much memory you should buy for a gaming PC:

  • League of Legends: 8GB
  • World of Warcraft: 6GB
  • Rocket League: 4GB
  • DOTA 2: 8GB
  • Battlefield 1: 12GB

Out of all these games, the two that require the most RAM are DOTA 2 and Battlefield 1. However, both of these games are also more intensive than other games. They require more capabilities from your computer because they’re typically higher resolution and use more graphics.

So, if you’re someone who plays either one of those two games frequently, then 12GB is a great amount to have in your gaming PC. But if you’re someone who prefers other types of games like World of Warcraft or Rocket League, 6-8 GB will probably suit your needs just fine.

Games that need 32GB RAM

One of the most popular games in recent years, Fortnite, recommends 32GB RAM for optimal gameplay. If you want to play at more than 120 frames per second (FPS), you’ll need 16GB VRAM. This is an example of a game that needs 32 GB of RAM.

Another extremely popular game, Overwatch, recommends 8GB of RAM to play at 60 FPS. However, the developers recommend 16GB+ if you plan on playing at higher resolutions like 4K or 144Hz.

What Games Need More or Less Memory?

Different games have different requirements when it comes to RAM. For example, an MMORPG like World of Warcraft will require less memory than a game like Destiny 2. That being said, you’ll need more and faster memory for high graphics games. If you set the resolution higher, you’ll need more memory as well.

Can I run Fortnite on 4GB RAM?

Fortnite is one of the most popular games at the moment. If you are thinking about playing it, you’ll need to know that Fortnite doesn’t require a lot of RAM. It has been optimized to run on low-end PCs, so if you don’t play any other CPU-intensive games (like GTA or Black Ops 4) and have a Gaming PC for a budget of $600 or less, 4GB is enough RAM.

Does fortnite use a lot of RAM?

One of the most popular games at the moment is Fortnite, which requires 8 GB of RAM. The game also needs a decent graphics card to ensure that you can play in high quality, and it recommends updating your device to Windows 7 or higher. So, with all of these requirements, 16 GB of RAM should be enough to play Fortnite without any lag.

Fortnite is not the only game requiring a lot of memory either. Games like Call of Duty Black Ops III will require 12 GB of RAM if you want to decrease some graphical settings so that it doesn’t affect the frame rate too much. All games have different requirements for how much memory you need for them to run smoothly, so make sure you know what games you plan on playing before purchasing a gaming PC.

Is 16GB RAM good for gaming?

Yes, for those who just want to play the most games, 16GB is enough. If you’re playing games like League of Legends or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you will need a minimum of 8GB RAM. More intensive games, like CS: GO and Fortnite, require at least 16GB for smooth gameplay.

Increasing the resolution settings or graphics quality will require more memory as well. If you want to use your gaming PC for virtual reality applications that offer 360-degree viewing and 3D environments, then you’ll want to increase the amount of RAM in your computer even higher than what’s recommended for high-intensity shooters and MMOs.

Is 8GB RAM enough for gaming?

There are many factors that will determine how much memory you need for a gaming PC. The more RAM you have, the better the games will run. 8GB is enough for most games, but not all of them. If you’re going to be playing a game that requires a lot of memory (like Battlefield 1), you may need 16GB or more.

You can also think about your frame rate when it comes to how much RAM you want in your gaming computer. If you want to play at a high frame rate without any lag, then 8GB is not enough and you should consider getting 16GB or more.

Is 32 GB of RAM overkill?

Yes, 32 GB of RAM is overkill for gaming, but if you’re a power user or like to multitask, then it may be worth it. You should know that if you have a large amount of RAM, your computer will run more efficiently. It will take up less space in your computer and help with load times while gaming. Keep in mind that video games can often require at least 8 GB of RAM to run smoothly.

One thing to keep in mind is the type of games you play. For example, if you play primarily first-person shooter games, then you might want to get closer to 16 GB of RAM because they typically use more memory than other types of games. If the frame rate is more important to you than graphics detail, then you may opt for less RAM. Of course, there are many factors that go into how much memory your gaming PC needs so be sure and do some research.

How much GB is good for a gaming PC?

A good rule of thumb is to purchase at least 8 GB for a gaming PC. This is the bare minimum that you need for any modern game. However, if you plan on playing in higher resolutions, you may want to increase your RAM up to 16GB or 32GB. For high-end games like GTA V and The Witcher 3, it’s best to purchase at least 16GB of RAM.

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How much RAM do I need for gaming laptop?

A gaming laptop is typically a little more expensive than a gaming computer, but it will have better performance and be more portable. So, how much RAM do you need for a gaming laptop?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly gaming laptop, 4GB of RAM should suffice. However, 8GB is the recommended minimum to make sure that your laptop can run the latest games at high graphics settings. If you’re an avid gamer who likes to play competitively or enjoys more graphics-heavy games on your PC, then 16GB of RAM would be ideal. This will ensure that your game runs smoothly without any hiccups or lags in-between frames.

When buying a new gaming laptop, consider the type of games you play and what resolution setting you want to use. For example, if you like playing FPS games and want to enjoy them on high settings at 1080p resolution, then 16GB of RAM would be the best option for your needs.

But if you prefer slower games with simpler graphics at lower resolutions (like Minecraft), then 4GB is all that you need for gaming. When it comes to buying a new computer or laptop for gaming purposes, it’s always important to think about what type of games you prefer and what resolution settings are most important to you.

How much RAM do I need for gaming and streaming?

The RAM you need for gaming and streaming depends on which games you’re playing and what resolution you’re playing them in.

First, let’s look at the type of games you are playing. If you’re a casual gamer who doesn’t play many demanding games or play in high resolutions, then 8-12 GB of RAM will be enough. But if you play a lot of games with high graphics settings, go for 16-32 GB of RAM.

Now, let’s talk about streaming. Streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix and others are very popular these days because they offer a lot of content in high definition. For streaming services that require 4K content, the minimum amount of memory is 16 GB. If it doesn’t require 4K content but has higher quality visuals than most other apps, then aim for 4 GB or more.

What does RAM do for gaming?

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is the place where data is stored temporarily. It helps your computer run faster by caching files that have been frequently accessed closer to the CPU. As a result, accessing this data becomes quicker and smoother. It also means that when you are playing games with high RAM requirements, your videos will load noticeably faster.

The amount of memory in your gaming PC depends on what type of games you play and how high quality they are set to be. If you’re a hardcore gamer who likes to play demanding games at max settings, then you will need 16GB of RAM at least.

This will help maintain a smooth frame rate while running these intense graphics. But if you like to lower the settings and save some power on the graphics card, then 8GB can be enough for gaming purposes without any noticeable impact on performance.

Will RAM increase FPS?

Many people believe that the more RAM they have, the better. However, this isn’t always true because your gaming PC needs to have enough processing power as well. While it’s possible to increase FPS with more RAM, you must also increase the processing power of your processor.

The CPU is just as important as the GPU when it comes to frame rate. If you want to play at a high resolution and expect a good frame rate, make sure you have more than 8GB of memory in your PC and a processor that can keep up with the demand.


Have you been thinking about getting a gaming PC but are unsure about how much memory you need? Gaming PCs are a great way to enjoy your favorite games in high quality and resolution. But, there’s not just one answer when it comes to how much RAM you need for any gaming PC.

The amount of memory in your gaming computer depends on the type of games you play as well as the resolution settings. Some games will require less RAM than others, and some gamers prefer to lower the graphics settings so that they can increase the frame rate.


What is the difference between system memory and video memory?

System memory is used to run your operating system and applications. Video memory is what’s used for 3D games.

How much RAM do you need for a gaming machine?

The amount of RAM required for a gaming PC depends on the type of games you play and how high your graphics settings are set. If you want to be able to multitask, it’s important to have at least 8 GB of RAM.

How much VRAM should I have in my PC?

VRAM refers to video RAM, which is used by 3D games. You need at least 2 GB of VRAM in order to play most modern games smoothly at maximum resolution with decent textures. When buying a gaming PC, look for one that has 4-8 GB of VRAM if you want to run more demanding games without any hiccups.

What are some good brands of PCs?

There are a lot of great brands out there! Brands like Acer and Dell offer affordable models with a wide range of options, but if you’re looking for high-end performance, HP offers some really impressive models as well.

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