What To Look For In A Gaming PC: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

what to look for in a gaming pc: Motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD/HDD and others

The gaming PC is one of the most vital components to a high-performance gaming experience. In order to get the best performance, your gaming PC needs to have certain specifications and features. The article will help you decide what to look for in a gaming PC.

When choosing a gaming PC, the key consideration is the video card and the games you are interested in playing. Other specifications you need to pay attention to include; An NVIDIA GeForce GTX video card or better, An Intel Core i5 processor or better, 8GB RAM or more, and also An SSD.

What You Need to Know as you look for a gaming PC

Building your own PC gives you the power to create the perfect gaming machine that fits all of your needs. If you’re thinking about building your own, these are a few things you need to know:

The heart of a gaming PC is its graphics card, so it’s important to know what games you’ll be playing and what hardware is compatible with them. If you’re not sure which features to look for in a graphics card, click here.

You’ll also want to make sure that your system has enough storage space for all of your games and other files. Your hard drive can be one of the most important components of your gaming setup because it stores everything from saved files to downloaded games.

Before you start shopping, check out our Gaming PC Builds tab. We offer different computer builds that are pre-built and ready to use right away.

You can easily choose between different budgets and performance levels based on what type of games you like to play or if it’s just for work.

Can you use your regular PC for gaming?

This is a question that we get asked pretty frequently. The answer is actually, “it depends.” If you want to make sure your PC can last through the latest games, then you’ll need to invest in an upgrade.

There are different levels of upgrades you can do depending on how much money you want to spend and what kind of games you’re playing.

It’s important to find the right hardware for your needs: the better your hardware is, the more immersive your game will be.

And if you feel like it’s time for an upgrade, there are many different websites that help walk you through the process of picking the perfect one. Thankfully, upgrading doesn’t have to be too expensive if done correctly!

The Components That Make Up a Gaming PC

What To Look For In A Gaming PC: A good GPU

The components that make up a gaming PC are the most important thing to consider. In order to ensure a high level of performance, you should purchase one with a powerful graphics card and a CPU that is compatible with it.

Another component you may want to consider is the monitor. A lot of gamers use monitors with 144Hz refresh rates, which is significantly faster than regular monitors and will give them an edge against competitors.

You can also find gaming PCs that have multiple screens for an immersive gameplay experience.

A gaming monitor may not be necessary if you only plan on using your computer for work or school purposes, but if you plan on playing games often, it’s worth investing in.

A gaming keyboard and mouse are also essential for the best gameplay experience. Some gamers prefer the feel of mechanical keyboards while others enjoy using high-end mice with features like high DPI and weight tuning for more precision in their games.

Why you should upgrade your PC

The answer is simple: because you love to play games on your PC. You’re not alone, and your computer isn’t the only one who can’t keep up with the graphics.

The truth of the matter is, most PCs are only equipped to handle certain types of games. So, if you want to be able to experience all of the new releases on your PC, then it’s time for an upgrade for your gaming computer.

It’s actually surprising how easy it can be to get a great gaming machine that will last for years with just a few simple upgrades and additions.

If you’re looking for a way to make sure your computer can handle those latest games, then now is the time to upgrade!

When Should You Buy a Gaming PC?

The sooner the better! Gaming PCs are constantly evolving, and by buying one now you’ll ensure that it can handle any games coming out in the next few years.

In fact, the latest gaming PCs come with powerful components that will outperform consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With PC gaming, manufacturers release new and improved models every few months so you’re always getting the most up-to-date components available.

Why Is It Important to Get a Good Quality Monitor?

Why Is It Important to Get a Good Quality Monitor?

With a gaming PC, one of the most important components is your monitor. One of the key factors in getting an excellent gaming PC is to make sure you have an excellent, high-quality monitor.

If you are playing games, having an excellent monitor will help ensure that you have a smooth playing experience and enjoy all the rich graphics in your favorite game.

However, if your monitor isn’t up to par with the rest of your computer system, it can lessen the quality of your gaming experience and possibly even cause glitches in certain games.

What About Gaming Keyboards and Mice?

Gaming keyboards and mice are some of the most important parts of a gaming PC. It’s a common misconception that keyboards and mice are only for gamers, but these peripherals are helpful for anyone who spends hours typing or using a computer mouse.

For example, gaming keyboards usually have mechanical switches which provide enhanced tactile feedback that is perfect for fast typists.

Gaming mice offer advanced ergonomics with features like adjustable weights, palm rests, and thumb-rests to maximize comfort.

What Are the Best Brands of Gaming PCs?

There are many different brands of gaming PCs, and it can be difficult to know which one is the best. If you’re looking for a high-quality gaming PC, there are some reputable brands you can trust. MSI, ASUS, and Dell all make top-of-the-line gaming PCs that can handle any game you throw at them.

Benefit of buying gaming PC

If you’re looking for a computer that can handle the latest and most demanding games, then buying a gaming PC is a good decision. Gaming computers are built with high-quality components to deliver the best performance possible.

Gaming PCs have many benefits such as:

  1. You can use them for other purposes besides gaming. For example, some people use their gaming PC for video editing or graphic design.
  2. They’re cheaper than having to buy a laptop and desktop separately.
  3. It’s easier to find parts for a gaming PC compared to trying to piece together separate parts yourself.

Learn the different specs and features of PC upgrades

There are a lot of different specs and features that can go into a PC upgrade. You’ll need to consider graphics, processor, RAM, and other components.

One of the first things you’ll want to look at is your graphics card. If you’re playing games like Fallout 4 or Grand Theft Auto 5, then a mid-range graphics card will do.

However, if you’re playing one of the latest games like Battlefield 1 or Minecraft, then it might be time for an upgrade to ensure that your games looks as good as possible on your monitor.

If you’ve been gaming on a laptop this whole time, then you should know that most laptops come with integrated graphics cards—so it might not be worth investing in an upgrade for your laptop’s performance needs.

Another thing to think about when looking at PC upgrades is the processor. For most people, an Intel Core i5 quad-core processor will do just fine.

However, if you work in graphic design or video editing and use programs like Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Pro CC 2015 on a regular basis then an Intel Core i7 six-core may be necessary for optimal performance.

Lastly, RAM is important too! If your computer has 8GB RAM or less installed but the game you’re playing needs 16GB RAM to run smoothly then you’ll need an upgrade.

The good news? It doesn’t always cost more to have more RAM! A lot of times upgrading from 4GB up to 8GB costs less than

New PC: What To Look For In A Gaming PC

What To Look For In A Gaming PC

The first thing to do when you’re deciding if you need to upgrade your PC is to look at the hardware. Your CPU and GPU will be the most expensive items to upgrade, but they are also the most important.

You should choose a processor that has four or more cores, as well as a 3D card. You can typically find these on motherboards with Intel’s Core i5 and AMD’s Ryzen 7 processors.

You should also check for a motherboard that supports solid-state drives (SSD), which will make your machine faster than one with just a standard hard drive.

If you have an older computer, upgrading your RAM is an inexpensive way to boost its speed. Lastly, you’ll want game-ready components like an optical drive, keyboard and mouse, speakers/headphones and monitor.

Is it possible to play PC games on your regular PC?

If you want to make sure your computer will last through the latest games, then you’ll need to invest in an upgrade. The good news? This article will teach you how to decide if upgrading is right for you and how to pick the perfect upgrade.

The different types of upgrades for a gaming computer

There are three different types of upgrades for a gaming computer: hardware, software, and peripherals.

Hardware is the actual computer. This includes the CPU (central processing unit), RAM (random access memory), motherboard, graphics card, hard drive, optical drive, and more. The CPU and RAM are the two most important parts of your computer for gaming.

If you’re not sure what’s inside your PC already, a PC hardware diagnostic will provide you with all the information you need to know about its components.

Software is what runs on top of your hardware to interact with it—a driver or an antivirus program just to name a few examples. A software update can improve performance on games or other programs that run on your operating system.

Peripherals are any items outside of your computer that enhance gameplay or make using it easier. An example would be headphones or a mouse.

You should never invest in peripherals without first upgrading the rest of your computer first because they won’t work as well if they aren’t optimized for the best possible outcome.

How to pick the perfect upgrade for your PC

We’ll start with the most important factor: your budget. You can spend anywhere from $400 to $2,000 on a new PC, which is a lot of money!

But don’t worry; if you plan ahead and do your research, you should be able to find an upgrade that will work for your budget.

Next, pay attention to the graphics card in your PC. The graphics card determines how well-suited your PC is for gaming.

For example, you wouldn’t want a computer with only an integrated graphics processor if you’re looking forward to playing video games at high resolutions or on multiple monitors—especially if you’re a hardcore gamer who likes first-person shooters.

Graphics Cards

One of the most important parts of a gaming PC is the graphics card. This is what will handle the high-performance graphics required for video games.

There are two types of graphics cards: integrated and dedicated. Integrated graphics cards come with prebuilt PCs, while dedicated graphics cards are usually sold separately.

If you’re going to be playing newer games that require high frames per second (fps), then you’ll want to buy a dedicated card. They also work better with multiple monitors, unlike integrated cards.

The Processor

The processor is the first thing to consider when looking for a gaming PC. If you’re buying a pre-built machine, then you can check the specs of your processor to see if it meets your needs, but if you’re building one from scratch then make sure it has at least a 3GHz quad-core processor.

You’ll also want to look for features such as Hyperthreading, which will allow your CPU to process more tasks.


The RAM is a vital component of your PC for gaming. It runs the game, so more RAM means better performance. The general rule of thumb is 8 gigabytes of RAM for each gigabyte of video memory, but it can depend on your specific needs.

If you’re playing games with lots of textures and high detail, then you may need 16GB of RAM or more. But if you’re not playing newer, graphically intensive games, then 8GB will be fine.

Your system also needs enough RAM to run other programs in the background, like music players and web browsers.

The Motherboard

The motherboard is the backbone of your PC, and it is important to note what motherboard you have. There are many different motherboards with different features depending on your needs.

For example, if you want a desktop that can do some serious gaming, then you would want a motherboard that supports SLI or Crossfire graphics cards. If you plan to overclock your CPU and Memory, then look for a motherboard that has the ability to do so.

Storage Devices

Storage devices should be the first thing you think about before buying a gaming PC. If it doesn’t have enough storage, you’ll have to compromise on other parts of your PC to make room for your games or other files.

Your best bet is to get an SSD drive, which will give you fast access to files and allow your computer to boot up much faster than a traditional hard drive. You can also opt for a hybrid solution if you’re looking for a balance of speed and space.

The next important thing to consider is what kind of RAM you want in your gaming PC. Some people recommend having at least 8GB of RAM, while others say 16GB is the sweet spot.

The more RAM you have, the less likely you are to run into any issues during gameplay. But if money is an issue, don’t worry – 4GB will work just fine as long as you don’t plan on playing any games that are very graphically demanding or doing any video editing at all.

Graphics cards are another important part of a gaming PC that improve performance by rendering graphics faster and more efficiently than the CPU would be able to do alone. If you’re not sure what kind of graphics card you want, consult this article!

The T.V. or Monitor

The first thing to consider is the monitor or T.V. that you plan on using with your gaming PC. If your goal is to play games, then you want a monitor with a high refresh rate and G-Sync technology. This will eliminate any lag and give you an effortless experience while playing games.

How to keep your gaming PC safe

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your PC is protected. This means staying up-to-date with the latest Windows updates, running antivirus, and updating your PC’s drivers.

If you want to take it one step further, consider adding a firewall to your system or installing a security suite like McAfee or Norton. These are just some of the ways that you can keep your PC safe from viruses and hackers.


What are you looking for in a gaming PC?

There are many different things to look for when buying a gaming PC. You want to make sure that the graphics card is high-end, the RAM is high enough, and that the processor will handle games at high settings without lagging. It’s also important that the computer has an HDMI port and an SDXC slot. The cases should have the right amount of cooling, but shouldn’t be too noisy. If you’re looking to buy a prebuilt gaming PC, it’s important to know what the gaming PC specs are before you purchase so you can make sure it has everything you need.

I don’t know anything about computers or gaming, how do I choose a good one?

One of the best ways to find out about performance is by reading reviews from other users who have purchased and used the same model as you. You should also search for information about how well your model will run on different games. If you’re having trouble deciding between two models, remember that it’s better to get something with higher specs than lower ones; this way, your computer won’t lag when playing games at high settings or running multiple applications at once. This is because a higher-quality processor can process more data at once and provide more power than a lower-quality one.

What are the benefits of a gaming PC?

Gaming PCs run games and graphics better than traditional desktops because they are built to handle the demands of these types of tasks. Gaming PCs also have higher-quality components, so they last longer and can do more.

Can I use my gaming PC for other things besides playing games?

Yes! Gaming PCs are excellent for editing photos, videos, and graphics. They can also be used for office work or any type of demanding task.

Do I need to buy a monitor with my gaming PC?

Yes! You will need a monitor in order to use your gaming PC. However, you’ll want to make sure it has a high refresh rate and good resolution so that games look their best on your screen.


If you’re looking to buy a gaming PC, it’s important to know which features are worth the money and which ones you can live without. A high-quality graphics card is a must, but you don’t need to break the bank on a processor.

Remember that the more RAM you have, the better your PC will be able to handle multiple tasks at once. Storage devices such as SSDs can help speed up your PC for gaming, but hard drives are cheaper if you need a lot of space. And of course, you’ll want a gaming PC that can handle your favorite games with ease.

But what matters most is what you feel comfortable with and what your budget allows. A gaming PC is a big purchase, and if you’re unsure about your choices, the best thing to do is speak with an expert.

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