Can You Search the Internet on a Gaming PC? Your Questions Answered

Gaming computers are designed to be the ultimate gaming machines. They have the fastest processors and graphics cards, which enables them to run demanding games without lagging or freezing. But what about when you want to search the internet? Well, yes, you can search the internet on a gaming PC but that depends on how … Read more

Do I Need a Gaming PC to Play Games? – Expert Advice You Won’t Want To Miss

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Do I Need an Optical Drive for my Gaming PC? All You Need to Know

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Can a Gaming PC be used for Autocad? For CAD, Autocad, Solidworks, Revit, Inventor

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Can You Run a Gaming PC Without a Graphics Card? 3 Effective GPU Alternatives

A graphics card, or GPU, is the workhorse of a gaming PC. It takes your instructions on how to draw a game and translates them into instructions for the display. Can you run a gaming PC without a graphics card? The answer is yes, but not really. Since within the CPU there is integrated graphics … Read more